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oVirt node: hosted engine support

oVirt Node 3.5.0 contains ovirt-node-plugin-hosted-engine, which allows setting up hosted engine to run oVirt Engine as virtual machine on the node (support HA, requires at least two hosts).

To start the setup you must inform in the Text User Interface (TUI) how to proceed the installation of oVirt Engine virtual machine:

.ISO file, booting as cdrom, so you proceed the installation as normal operational system, later setting oVirt Engine and hosted-engine will connect to it and make all changed needed to configure your environment. The iso will be downloaded via http.

Pre-configured image with oVirt setup, after install required to run: engine-setup --offline --config-append=ovirt-engine-answers

Install the virtual machine booting via PXE.

Below example will be based on ISO (CentOS 6.5).

Step1: Providing .ISO

Step 2: The engine-hosted-engine-setup will start in screen...

Step 3: The engine-hosted-engine-setup will start in screen...

Step 4: Initial setup
For this step, please keep in mind:
- The storage supported at moment for the virtual machine of hosted-engine are:
    iscsi, nfs3, nfs4
- Admin portal password and FQDN are required to later hosted-engine connect to oVirt Engine and add the changes.
- The default path that the ISO is uploaded in oVirt Node is:

Step 5: Time to install the Operational System
The virtual machine is started to be installed the OS. Connect to VM via remote-viewer with the temp. password provided in the console and conclude the installation. AFTER the successfully OS installation, press 1 and continue.

$ remote-viewer vnc://IP_ADDRESS:5900

Step 6: Setup oVirt Engine
Connect again into the VM, update the system and setup oVirt Engine, AFTER the engine-setup is complete press 1 and the hosted-engine will finish the setup.

# yum update
# yum localinstall
# yum install ovirt-engine
# engine-setup

Tags: #ovirt #fedora #centos #ovirt-node #lati
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